Healings are performed using BEwell Science Method, a pioneering technique create by Master Del Pe that deal with all the levels of human energy balancing the different levels of health. It works on the root cause of each issues for formidable results!


We adopt specific protocols to deal with depression, anxiety burnout and sleep issues as long as crises management and conflict resolutions and vices elimination.


All the protocols and strategies don't substitute or interfere with medical treatments.


  • BEinshape

    Balance your health in the 5 levels (physical, vitality, emotional, mental, spiritual) to have great success without stress, achieve inner peace daily with a simple and effective meditation, improve your health to get a great life, boost your will-power and focus to maximize your productivity, improve your quality of sleep and respiration for longevity and rejuvenation, improve and balance your metabolism to better manage your weight and achieve deep levels of consciousness to access higher truth.


    (Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Sleep Issues Energy Management)
    A fast, easy, painless and effective drug-free solutions to fight depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues to help you achieve your greatest life.

  • Crises Management and Conflict Resolutions

    With this method you're allowed to find win-win solutions for your issues, avoid any crises by working on their root causes, resolve conflicts that delay your goals, manage your emotions during difficult moments.

  • BEclean

    To contrast the side-effects of smoking, increase vitality and prevent withdrawal symtoms in smoking cessation.


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