My experience with MDP ( - i.e Master Del Pe) meditations was and still is very unique. It is slowly revealing me, my true self. I've been meditating before and very consistently but I start feeling it might be good to connect with somebody who does the same and has a little more knowledge about sitting still and listening to yourself. I had some questions and I came across with Be Life. I'm in touch with them since I made my first visit, they're always super kind and a great help on my path. We all wish to follow our hearts, we're listening to this since we were kids, it's rooted so deeply in our subconsciouss mind that we believe it is the way and it truly is! Unfortunately due to our monkey mind listening to our heart is very difficult. Before you can do it, you need to calm the monkey down first. At Aquarian Trinity Solutions they can teach you amazing, simple, short and efficient methods! With their methods I came in touch with God and it's the most beautiful experience I have ever had.

-M.O, 25 years old, Slovenia


Healing retreat 
I was looking for an interesting and hopefully even beneficial way to spend some of my holidays. After writing to Alice and very loosely saying what I hope for she suggested a two days healing retreat with five healings. I agreed to that and booked a room in Bled for a night. 
Each day we would start with breathing, exercising and focusing. After that came the healing meditation. Then we would walk to Straža and do more exercising and some martial arts. Then I was free to do whatever I wanted and I decided to spend this time walking around Bled. Evenings were similar to mornings, only without going to Straža.  
The healing meditation and healing by Alee allowed me to let go of any negative emotions or feelings I was willing to let go. And I experienced joy and happiness and peace doing so. And it all stayed with me. 
There were two other types of meditation for which I have no words. I can not describe it at all. If I was a painter, maybe I could draw it, but to put it into words would be impossible. It was just so very amazing and by that time even my undisciplined paranoid mind calmed down enough to let me enjoy it. And I was able to experience many calming and empowering feelings and it reminded me that life is awesome.
On the surface nothing changed. But now I notice shapes in clouds which I haven't done probably for 15 years, so disenchanted my mind was. My legs are much less tense than they were. When faced with unpleasant or threatening situations I remember the meditations and the gifts I was given and it helps so much to keep calm and focused. If I feel any anxiety setting in I do the breathing exercises and it helps a lot. 
Now I have an actual desire to live and create and be and I know it will work out. I know I will be able to do whatever will be thrown my way. And I will do it with positive intentions and feelings. 
Because I learned that I am the only one that feels my emotions (not totally true, but close enough). Even though I or my ego thinks that feeling negatively about some people will protect me from them it is not true at all. All it does is prevent me from feeling other feelings and moving forward.  

-M.M, physicist, 31 years old, Slovenia

There was a month in my life where majority of my life areas collapsed: partnership, apartment, work and family. It came by surprise and I was really not ready for any of it. In that time I also meet Aquarian Trinity Solutions group and visited their BEinshape Center for the healing sessions. I was privileged to work with the whole group at the same time: we did physical, breathing and yoga exercises followed by series of meditations. All the practices, especially the healing meditations helped to calm down my emotions and my mind. I was able to find my inner peace again. The nature of the sessions was the most beneficial part for me - they were minimalistic, clear and gentle - that worked perfectly for me, since I didn't have much energy to do any more sophisticated practices. Alee, Andy and Alice were very supportive, kind and very relaxed. Their guidance way very clear and professional. During the sessions I felt they were present with their full hearts. They helped me a lot in the time of my greatest personal pain and helped me to re-connect with my higher Self. 
-M. D, trainer, group leader and moderator, Slovenia

I chose to do few healings because I didn’t feel comfortable with myself and my past. There were a lot of unresolved and painful things in my mind, I was confused. Before I didn’t know the right things to do and who I was, I just kept on accumulate stress and tensions, my eyes were close about past and future.. Now I feel more confident with myself, I faced a lot of blockages and fears. I feel more free and ready to start a new life ahead far from the old one. I’m more respectful of other people and myself and everything that happen to me I can discriminate. Now I’m more free to face my future.

-G.Z, 30 years old, 


I wanted to give my children a package of treatments because we all spent of hard months, after the discovery of deafness of R. (three years old), and the resulting treatment forced us to disregard my other son Nicola.
After the healing sessions I have noticed that N. has less shots of hysterical anger, R. who has a easier temperament, is getting better and better regarding the language learning, which is his biggest challenge since he has prosthesis, also doctors who follow him have notice improvements.
They are small children, they need still much from all points of view in order to become healthy and strong men, but we hope to have thrown a seed in this direction.

-F.F 40 years old,


Since my husband died I felt very lonely and sad. After five healing sessions I feel lighter and with less weight on my shoulder. I was fine in ventilating. Unfortunatly my problem is loneliness, even if I try to be among people. I wish I could find more affection around me. Anyway I’m feeling lighter now. Thank you.

-F.M 61 years old,