"Meditation should not be the goal of spirituality, but a tool to be able to actualize greater and greater service." -Master Del Pe-

The Science of Meditation Made Easy

Awaken the power of your soul and get enlightened with the easy and practical programs offered under this path.



Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Psychology

In this class are taught the fundamentals of the energy bodies and energy centers and their basic functions, the spiritual psychology behind the auras and energy centers and their interrelationship to the overall human constitution. We touch the subject of the Soul and the spiritual principle.

Just BE free meditation

Self-Healing meditation to free you from stress, anxiety and fatigue, frustration, anger and hatred, loneliness ans grief, negative habits and vices, confusions and uncertainties, traumas and pain, life blockages. It gives winderful healing results for insomnia, hypertensions and heart conditions, hyperactivity and aggressiveness, to bond pregnant mothers with their unborn child, diabetes, cancer and HIV, menopausal syndrome and menstrual pain.

Inner Renewal Meditation

Advanced Self-Healing meditation to harmonize your life, empower your relationship and align body, emotions and mind for a greater fulfillment. It suits both non-meditators and advance meditators. It can help you to overcome internal obstacles like stress, fear anger and guilt, enhance emotional intelligence, culture inner powers and values, increase internal energy and vitality, develop mental stamina, creativity and instincts.

This meditation has successfully helped executives, professionals and organizations for a rapid stress management, people with hyperactivity and aggressive behavior, women during menstruation/menopause, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum syndrome, couples and families for enhancing relationship and stress management, people with cancer and pain, people with sleep disorders and fatigue, spiritual practitioners to balance their development experiencing inner peace, joy, harmony and balance. 

JustBE Aligned

Program to align power, heart and mind. It comprehend a series of exercises to increase internal powers and release toxins fast plus a standing meditation to align the whole consciousness and circulate safely internal energy with specific mudras.

Great benefits for athletes for a maximum balanced power, martial artists to use as an advanced meditation and yoga practitioners to balance material and spiritual lives and anybody who wants to be healthy and happy.

Namascar Meditation

Advance meditation to expand your consciousness and highten your awareness to consciously integrate personality, soul and divine self and to awaken safely your sacred fire.

It is a simple yet powerful approach to your inner development and ever-expanding growth towards the Light. It is a technique that brings integration and fusion of the personality and to the Soul to the Divine Self or Spirit. For both the beginner and advanced meditator, offers deep inner experiences and great spiritual progress, which only those who have trodden these spiritual heights can explain at abstract levels. Namascar is an ancient word that means "inner salutations to the Divinity within". 

In doing namascar or inner salutation to the Soul and to the Divine Self, there arises an inner recognition and awareness or your highest nature. By consciously allowing the purer, expanded state of the Higher Self to engulf and interpenetrate your personality, a gradual Divine Union and fusion gradually happens. 

It's not recommended for smokers and people with vices.


The Science and Art of meditation

Know the the differences between meditation as an art and meditation as a science and how to practice both with greater results, you can learn the12 different styles of meditations and the most beneficial for your needs.

8 Types Of Yoga

We can learn the purpose and goals of the different types of yoga and how to choose the right one for your greatest benefits and study the 8 core values of a modern yogi's lifestyle.

Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga

To know the great benefits but also the precautions and dangers of meditation and yoga, psycho-spiritual issues, physical and vitality side-effects, wrong combination or sequences of Meditation and Yoga techniques,  predisposed dangers for occidental and oriental meditators plus more esoteric dangers.

Master Del Pe shares in this class his wisdom about yoga and meditation for us to play with the sacred fires safely!

Divine Alchemy

Advance meditation to activate and develop your maximum potential, balance upper and lower chackras, and experience a deep sense of stillness and profound awarness. 

It covers many levels of esoteric science practices and develop the maximum potential in spiritual practitioners so they can performance effectively in both material and spiritual life. This meditations awakens your inner powers to unfold a balanced life "with one foot in heaven and one foot on earth".

It's not recommended for novices.

Let meditation lead you to your Life Purpose and connect you with your Soul!