Third Eye Development program is a must for true spiritual seekers who want to grow towards the light and unfold the spiritual path ahead. 

Third Eye Development

Advance human evolution is not just a privilige anymore,

but a duty and responsability by force and a planetary requirement.

-Master Del Pe-

Third Eye Development Program

"Third Eye is a formidable tool that enable us to achieve infinity"


Master Del Pe teach us how to develop our Third Eye safely to master our Soul and unfold our life purpose. 

The Third Eye enables us to develop an higher will power to sustain restlessly our purpose, a loving but also a courageous heart, a sharpen mind to maximize results and much, much more..

This program has two levels:

-Level 1 comprehends preparatory and purifies strategies of chackras, all the energy system and the past

-Level 2 involves a more deep understanding of the Spiritual Technology and the Third Eye Training Program


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"There's a time when you're growing spiritually (but you don't know that) that you feel so empty and without purpose, eveything is so meaningless and dark that you feel yourself like stuck in that void. That's what I have experienced and later learn from Master Del Pe to be what it is call the Dark Night of the Soul, a point in which you have achieve "the ceiling" of your consciousness, where the Soul is withdraws to force the personality to breakthrough that darkness until a new expansion of the consciousness, a new search start. To me, that's what attending the Third Eye program meant: a new leap of consciousness that led me to unfold my life path with a greater purpose and meaning."

                                                -A.G, Trainer, 30 years old, Italy


  • "Being a very objective person I tend to not have psychic faculties but after learning Master Del Pe's Mastering Your Third Eye protocols, my "inner knowning" has increased tremendously. I know it is different from "premonition". It is more like guidance for my next step. It also helped me to understand my strenghts and weaknesses better and to know who I am and who I am not. I'm getting better at calibrating my energies according to my surroundings and also balancing my level of will-power, courage and inner strenght with humility and wisdom. I am grateful to have this invaluable evolutionary tool for greater world service."
    -R.G, Program Leader, (USA)

  • The Third Eye enables me to see the deeper details of issues in the different areas of my life related to work, relationships, finances, etc.. It has helped to destroy old patterns and rebuild on every level, energizing a positive new future for myself and others".
    -L.G (Brazil)

  • Thanks to Master del Pe's Third Eye training, I sleep less and have more stamina, more presence and am anchored in daily life. My emotions are more tranquil and balanced. I feel more detached and less vulnerable. I have a fluid flow in my thinking, especially about esoteric issues and personal projects. I have more mental clarity, which enables me to make the right decisions quickly. I have the impression that my Soul is taking the lead in my life - now I do the right things at the right moment."
    -A.B, Teacher (Italy)

  • "The Mastering Your Third Eye Program has opened a broader perspective on spiritual development, far beyond what I had experienced during previous years of meditation. I can access more subtle levels of energy through Master Del Pe's techniques. I know I am barely on the first step and am excited by the great potential ahead."
    -M.S, Engineer (Brazil)-

  • "Mastering Del Pe's Mastering Your Third Eye Program has taught me to focus and use my energy in an intelligent and practical way."
    -J.M, Enterpreneur (Argentina)-

  • "Using Master Del Pe's Third Eye techniques, I can identify people's intentions at work; when they have a solid product or project to offer, and when they have hidden intentions and are trying to just take advantage. It is an excellent negotiation tool to identify win-win solutions."
    -B.V. Senior Operations Specialist Inter-American Development Bank (USA)